Unrecognized Countries

Do you know what’s an unrecognized country?

Basically, it is a country that declared self-independence from another country but, for whatever reason, the international community didn’t recognize them as such, so they became something known as ghost country, a country that doesn’t make it to the UN list.

Traveling to an unrecognized republic is quite an experience, especially if you are interested in geopolitics, but also, because it is like traveling to a new country, as they tend to have their own currency, visa rules, and a different culture.

Today, there are 9 unrecognized republics spread across the world:

Each one of them is a very different case and the country between brackets is the one they are legally bound to:

  1. Kosovo (Serbia)
  2. Western Sahara (Morocco)
  3. South Ossetia (Georgia)
  4. Abkhazia (Georgia)
  5. Nagorno Karabakh (Armenia)
  6. Transnistria (Moldova)
  7. Northern Cyprus (Turkey)
  8. Somaliland (Somalia)
  9. Taiwan (China)

Personally, I have visited 4 of them: Abkhazia, Transnistria, Kosovo and Somaliland